Welcome Message from the Chair of Governors

 Message from the Chair of Governors, Jayne O'Grady


I am proud to be the chair of our Management Committee at Trafford Alternative Education Provision and proud of the work we do in ensuring the very best provision for our young people.  Our committee is clear that the school is a vital part of the community it serves.  Our committed governors work closely with our Executive Headteacher and all in our school to ensure we do the very best.

The success of every student is our primary aim.  We know that many of our young people have had disruption in their education.  Our determination is that we will ensure we prepare them fully for their next steps- be it starting at a new mainstream school or a different provision or remaining with us to complete their education.  We work hard to ensure they have all the support that they need.  We are especially proud of the way we prepare them for the next steps in their lives around employment, education and their experience of the wider world.

Our governors are higly experienced individuals who are appointed from a variety of backgrounds.  In this way, they are best able to support the provision and ensure that it is being led and managed well.  Our role is also to see that the provision achieves the highest possible standards whether it is around achievement of students, excellence in teaching and learning, student behaviour and attendance and the safety and health of everyone in the school community.

We work closely with the Executive Headteacher and senior leaders and visit the provision regulary- both in our role as link governors to specific areas but also to attend social events.  Our governors meet at least every half term.  Our focus at meetings includes the improvement of students' outcomes, overseeing the school's finances and ensuring the school estate is fit for purpose.  We enjoy and encourage meeting with parents to obtain their views on the school and will ensure their voice is heard through feedback where appropriate.

All at TAEP- Governors, staff and parents- are passionately committed to the provision and its success in the future.  Our young people deserve the very best in education.  As Governors, we will work hard in guiding the work of the provision in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed and achieve their individual ambitions.