Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Careers, Education and Guidance (CEG) is seen here at Trafford Alternative Education Provision as an essential part to every students’ curriculum. All students have an entitlement to an appropriate programme of provision. In the current economic climate it is important that your child is given the best possible chance to find information on all the education and training post-16.

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At Trafford Alternative Education Provision the Careers Lead is Jill Mundy and our Careers adviser is Toni Jackson-Wilde. Toni works closely with local colleges and training providers to ensure your child is informed about all available choices when they leave us.

Our staff at TMES and THS work closely with our Careers Adviser Toni Jackson-Wilde from Connexions  to give our students independent Careers Guidance from Year 7 to 11 through one to one interviews, group work and drop-in sessions. Toni is at THS on Tuesday p.m. and at TMES on Wednesday a.m. This gives the students the opportunity to have a 1-1 careers interview with a Level 6 qualified and completely independent Careers Adviser. Toni is available to students at our request according to the SLA.

Contact details are: 0161 912 1479 0161 912 2453